Sunday, November 23, 2008

End of quarter

Well, it's been an interesting past few days.  I promised to keep up the blog, which, kinda failed.  But, it's not because I've been lazy, I've just been working on a legit website.  It's still in progress but up and running nonetheless.  Let me know what you all think.  A while back I was going to post a picture of my bike that I had just gotten this quarter.  Mention something about how much I love cruising around Athens on it and the beautiful view I get when riding to my 8:30 class.  But, go figure, it got stolen.  Not sure how or why.  But I'm still pretty bummed about it.  So, if you see this bike, let me know.  Since this quarter is over, I am going to New York to be with my sister and brother for thanksgiving and Atlanta for the Photoj seminar.  This break should be good for me to calm down, find my face, and get some good contacts for next quarter's picture story class.  

Saturday, November 8, 2008

New Change of Pace

Yea, so it's been more than a while.  And in this time, a lot has changed.  An immense amount.  I mean, my last post was during 222.  I am now almost done with 391.  Most notably through those times is my trip to Scotland and one hell of an epic campaign that is now over with.  Both experiences have radically changed my perception of life, faith in humanity, connecting with people, and becoming much more aware of everything that goes on around me.  I would love to talk about each one, but it's been too long.  Anyways, next quarter is 392 which is going to be very difficult and demanding.  Luckily, scotland got me 15 credit hours ahead so I am planning on taking only 13 credit hours so I can focus on photography and my own mental well-being.  With that said, I am hoping that I will find time to get in the habit of updating my blog.  Maybe not even for viewer's sake, but just for my own sense of satisfaction.  Undoubtedly, my trip to Scotland and other random anecdotes will seep through onto other future posts.  Look for those and other random bits and pieces that I find worth mentioning.  

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